Scoring Scheme & Philosophy


I am set to provide an honest, unbiased review. Price isn’t part of the consideration, products are judged solely by it’s quality. If something is bad, it will be mentioned.

This is based on my personal standards, which might differ from your personal experience and interpretation. 

Scoring scheme:

I evaluate the colour, aroma, taste, and the finish. I personally take colour as a minor point, focusing on the aroma, taste, and finish. Value for money would be stated separately.

**Price isn’t part of the consideration**


0-49= Terrible

50-59= Bad

60-79= Ok-Good

80-84= Good

85-89 = Very Good

90-95 = Excellent

96-99 = Magnificent

100 = Legendary

Gets exponentially harder to score higher, only the exceptional ones deserves a 90+.


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