Wayne Gretzky Red Cask


Wayne Gretzky Red Cask No.99

Region: Canada

ABV: 40%

E150: Yes

Chill-filtered: Yes

Container: Glencairn Neat

Colour: Gold

Nose: Acetone, caramel, corn.
Very unimpressive nose, wouldn’t even have begun to guess it’s a wine cask finish in a blind tasting. I heard they are planning a white wine cask finish, bless them.

Palate: Caramel, corn, damp wood, watery.
Again, it feels like our bottle didn’t really get do the whole wine cask finish thing, it’s quite watery compared to other whiskies I have tried in the past, Chivas 12 feels full in the mouth compared to this.

Finish: Short finish, mineral water, some spice?

Score: 60/100

A worrying trend for them, if they plan to pull off a white wine cask finish. Not sure how long they finish this whisky in the red wine cask, probably like, 3 days? I might be too generous here. That being said, I have had worst in the past, JW Red, Dewar’s White Label. Maybe the nothingness is better than burnt tires and really pungent ethanol.

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