Laphroaig Select


Review 74 – Laphroaig Select

Sample provided by Laphroaig to the Toronto Whisky Society, for their #OpinionsWelcome program.

This following review will remain unbiased as per usual.

Thank you Laphroaig for providing the dram.

Region: Islay
ABV: 40%
E150: Yes
Chill-filtered: Yes
Cask Type: Oloroso Sherry butts, white American oak, Pedro Ximenez seasoned hogshead, Quarter casks and First fill bourbon casks.


Colour: Gold

Nose: Preserved tangerine peel, brine, red fruits undertone, wood smoke, oolong tea, vanilla, faint spice.

Palate: Water, ginseng, tar, rubber, earthy peat, saline, lapsang souchong, spice.

Finish: Medium finish, pepper, lime, anise, earthy, newspaper.

Score: 74/100

The nose started off rather promisingly, after sitting the dram for 15 minutes, black tea, preserved tangerine peel, the usual brine and smoke, with a touch of red fruits and spice; the nose is rather mild, tamed compared to the previous Laphroaig offerings. Still, off to a good start.

Onto the palate, watery is perhaps the best description. Greeted by rubbery, tar notes, ginseng and black tea is present too, touch of saltiness, followed by a touch of spice, earthy, and herbal finish. Overall the tasting experience is rather disappointing, poor to be concise, I would’ve guessed someone watered this down to 20-30% ABV if it was a blind tasting.

Having tried the majority of their core expression previously, from their standard 10 year, quarter casks, to their 15 200th Anniversary, Lore, and now discontinued 18, and a quite a few others including some IBs and travel retail, now presented with this – The Select.

I am fairly sure the Select is aimed towards getting new customers in, a 40%, mild expression. But to me, especially the price they are charging in Ontario ($78.20CAD for the Select, $85.20CAD for the Quarter cask, $86.20CAD for the 10 Year 43%) This product makes no sense to me, part from offloading poor casks to a cheaper expression. I would take the Quarter cask or the 10 over this any day any year. This would perhaps damage their brand more than helping.

Bottom line: Laphroaig if you are listening, stop over complicating your lineup, focus on what you do best, stop releasing gimmicky whisky.

Look at Macallan with their Edition No.1/2, even them realize, it’s not hard to make a quality whisky. Dial up the proof back to 48% ABV, quality casks, and charge us more according to the proof jump, verses watering it down and hope to sell more. I believe most enthusiasts would rather pay a few bucks more, than to have a watery dram. Laphroaig is a love or hate experience, why not treat the ones who loves you, better?

Thanks for reading prolong review and rant.

Side note: Please get the LCBO to carry the 10 CS.

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC10, PC11, PC12.


A Trio Review of PC10/11/12

Image Left To Right: PC10/11/12

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC10 “TRO NA LINNTEAN”

“It’s the PC10 expression from Bruichladdich powerfully peaty Port Charlotte series of releases. This release also marked 10 years of Allan Logan, who became the youngest distillery manager in Scotland, working with Jim McEwan. This was referenced in this expression’s subtitle, ‘Tro Na Linntean’, which means ‘Through the Generations’. Only 6,000 bottles of PC10 were released.”


Region: Islay
ABV: 59.8%
E150: No
Chill-filtered: No
Cask Type: American Oak Casks


Colour: Gold

Nose: Hay, citrus, walnut, smoke, peat, faint red berries, tar, ethanol.

Palate: Brine, mineral, salt, wood, citrus peel, candied orange, oily, tar, touch of dried figs.

Finish: Medium finish, pepper, ginger, peat, earthy, hay, touch of funk.

Score: 88/100


Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC11 “EÃ’RNA NA H-ALBA”

“PC11, ‘Eòrna Na h-Alba’ – Scottish Barley – is our homage to the land and people that gave life to this whisky.”


Region: Islay
ABV: 59.5%
E150: No
Chill-filtered: No
Cask Type: Premium Ex-Bourbon + Oloroso Sherry Finish


Colour: Mahogany

Nose: Smoke, sawdust, brine, peat, orange peel, raspberry, sulfur funk, charcoal, honey, ethanol.

Palate: Metallic, medicinal peat, smoke, pepper, oily, funk, cherry.

Finish: Long finish, pepper, ginger, funk, cinnamon, mineral water.

Score: 86/100


Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC12 “OILEANACH FURACHAIL”

“Adam Hannett has been working alongside Jim McEwan since 2006, watching and learning from the legendary distiller. Adam has a special talent, a perceptive nose and a rare ability to analyse and objectify sensory experience. One day the ultimate responsibility for this precious spirit will rest on his shoulders. Here we acknowledge Adam and his ongoing journey with Jim. “Oileanach furachail”.”


Region: Islay
ABV: 58.7%
E150: No
Chill-filtered: No
Cask Type: N/A


Colour: Amber

Nose: Cherry syrup, menthol, smoke, tangerine, raspberry gummy, oily, sweet herbal note, touch of barbeque sauce, cola.

Palate: Charred wood, barbeque sauce, peat, salt, cola, herbal, lemon peel, nuts.

Finish: Long finish, pepper, cinnamon, wood.

Score: 89/100


Very interesting to do a vertical of these three PCs, you can see the progression coming through.

The PC10 is a very solid, cask strength peated Islay, great deal of complexity.

The PC11 is surprisingly less good to my taste, despite my love for sherry casks.

The PC12 feels the most well-made to me, very rounded throughout, nice balance of peat, costal notes, and red fruits.

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 2007 CC: 01


Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 2007 CC: 01

Region: Islay
ABV: 57.8%
E150: No
Chill-filtered: No
Cask Type: French oak [Quercus robur], ex-Cognac.


Colour: Amber-Gold

Nose: White grape, smoke, brine, seaweed, tangerine, cured meat, apricot, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, pear.

Palate: Ash, salt, syrupy, pepper, seaweed, mineral, orange peel, grape, smoke, ginger.

Finish: Medium+ finish, pepper, mineral, salt, citrus peel, black tea.

Score: 87/100

The nose and palate is very grape-y, which shows the cask influence quite a bit. Sweet and smoke in harmony, nice seaside notes, with a good kick of spice. Overall rather well made, I am glad I picked up a bottle, cask strength, youthful, interesting cask Port Charlotte always up my alley. Priced very reasonably, I think I paid about $100US for it.

Mas des Bressades Cuvée Tradition Rosé 2016


Mas des Bressades Cuvée Tradition Rosé 2016

*Tasting notes taken indoor.


Colour: Deep Salmon

Nose: Strawberry, raspberry, floral, touch of meatiness, light thyme.

Palate: Dry, medium body, medium acidity. Strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb, savoury herbs.

Finish: Medium finish, touch of mineral, grapefruit skin.



More complex than I would have expected, although I haven’t tried Rose from Costieres de Nimes yet. The Syrah is certainly showing itself, adding nice savoury herbs on the nose and palate, light red fruits, with a touch of minerality and grapefruit skin bitterness on the finish, very refreshing.

Il Molino di Grace Chianti Classico Riserva 2009


Il Molino di Grace Chianti Classico Riserva 2009

Colour: Medium+ garnet core, light garnet rim.

Nose: Leather, cedar, matured plum, tobacco, black cherry, balsamic, white pepper.

Palate: Dry, medium body, high acidity, medium silky tannins. Sour cherry, tobacco, plum, integrated oak.

Finish: Medium finish, touch of pepper, mellow black raspberry.

Score: 82/100

Chianti Classico is one of my favourite affordable wine region, for food pairings. Always offering up good QPR and this wine is no exception.

Decanted for 1 hour. Starts off with a classic matured Chianti Classico nose, full of leather, black cherry, plum, balsamic, and tobacco notes. The palate is well-integrated, resolved tannins and acidity. The fruit is on the soft side, the classic sour cherry and tobacco, with a nice touch of oak; followed by a medium finish with a touch of pepper, and mellowed black fruits. Drinking very well now, and would continue to do so for the next 2-3 years

Bodegas Benito Urbina Rioja Selección 1999


Bodegas Benito Urbina Rioja Selección 1999

Colour: Medium garnet core, lighter on the edge.

Nose: Plum, dates, vanilla, crème de cassis, faint tobacco, integrated oak

Palate: Dry, medium body, medium acidity, medium soft tannins. Red cherry, blackberry, mineral, plum.

Finish: Medium finish, light oak, stone, touch of spice.

Score: 77/100

The nose smells like classic Rioja, very fruit forward, still smells fresh, wouldn’t have guessed it was an 18 years old wine. The usual black fruits along with vanilla and touch of oak. The palate is very soft, and a bit hollow mid-palate. Carries the fruit from the nose, with a touch of minerality; followed by a medium finish with a touch of spice.

Overall a pleasant wine to drink, but it’s rather simple. The whole wine is very integrated, knocked some points off on the palate. Would drink now.