Champagne Dumangin Premier Cru Le Vintage Extra-Brut 2004

LwJ3H9KJR5HycVQAydvzXvzzo60VdVpMZBxIzw90iwk.jpgChampagne Dumangin Premier Cru Le Vintage Extra-Brut 2004

Glassware: Lehmann Flûte Oenomust

Colour: Straw

Nose: Clean nose, high intensity, Very complex up front, like smelling very nice bread, mellow yeast, nuts, citrus, raspberry, biscuits.

Palate: Dry, fine bubbles, full-bodied, high acidity, lemon, apricot, bread, toasty, slight tart-ness.

Finish: Medium+ finish, nuts and lemon.

Score: 87/100

Very well done made Champagne, showing some maturity, really nice high intensity nose, well balanced throughout with lemon/citrus notes being the main theme, very delightful way to start off a meal.

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