Whisky Review – anCnoc Flaughter


anCnoc Flaughter [Link]

Region: Highland

ABV: 46%

E150: No

Chill-filtered: No

Container: Glencairn Neat

Colour: Pale Straw

Nose: Peat, Smoke, Fruits, Pear, Apple, hints of sweetness.

Palate: Peat, Malt, Oaky, Pear, Decent thickness in the mouth, a bit like a candy, no alcohol burn.

Finish: Peat, Smoky on the exhale, lingers on for some time along with the pear.

Score: 83/100

After doing some research on Reddit and asking for people’s opinion, I landed on this slightly peated dram as my gateway to peat. Peated to only 14.8ppm, initially peat and smoke on the nose, then kicks in the pear notes. I love the fruity pear notes in this whisky along with the peat and smoke, it strikes a really good balance along with a nice long finish. Apparently they used the flaughter to remove the top layer of the peat so it’s not earthy and medicinal. This is excellent for people like me who are used to Speyside and Highland whisky, the peat adds a nice depth to this not overly complex whisky. Looking forward to other anCnoc whiskies, and the world of peat ahead of me.

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